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Our design Process




OSA Architects is a group of architects, specializing on solving complexurban and architectural issues within metropolitan and historically significant areas. Our rigorous design process includes three principal elements and objectives to the successful development of a project:

The firm's main specialty is in finding creative architectural solutions in key areas of historical and urban importance.

Projects carried out in the office are characterized by high-density planning, mix of uses and urban renewal while integrating with the international trend based on the importance of construction, green and environmental sensitivity.




We develop thorough analytical studies for each project with the aim of preserving the contextual identity of a place while creating a program fitting for contemporary life.Revision and Reiteration:We constantly reassess and revise our designs in order to realize concepts in their purest and simplest form. Within this process, we pay significant attention to detail in order to bring the project to its finest resolution.




OSA Architecture's projects are different in the urban and professional landscape due to their design challenges, innovative and creative tailor-made for each client, in parallel with a rigorous design process.

It is not for nothing that the firm was chosen to lead the flagship projects of the leading entrepreneurial companies in the country, including Shikun VeBinui, Canada Israel, Ashtrom,

Acro Real Estate, Gindi TLV and more.




Contemporary metropolitan development allows to rethink the role of the design and development team. Real estate developers, municipalities and planners each require to play their part in creating sustainable public space. Our dynamic platform invites interdisciplinary exchange as a central part to achieving a project's ultimate potential.

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Meet the team


Arch. Oren Shimon

Oren carries a Masters of Architecture and Bachelors of Science from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland.

He trained as an architect working for prominent Israeli architects including Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Ilan Pivko Architects, Orli Shrem and Pitsu Kedem.

Oren offers proven experience of planning large scale developments including public buildings, residential developments and towers, hotels, offices and retail.


Arch. Lena Korneev

Lena has a Masters degree in Architecture from the Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

She also has 15 years of experience in urban planning, hotels, public and residential buildings. In her past, she has experienced as an Illustrator and a fashion designer.


Her interests vary between future city concepts, cultural studies, multidisciplinary design of public places and their role in the urban fabric  - real and virtual.



Matan Yazpan

Graduated from the Department of Interior Building & Environment Design at Shenkar college. Matan is an expert of parametric design and residential architecture.

He also has a profound background of psychology and philosophy in the fields of planning.

He enjoys taking long rides with his bike on the trails of Northern Israel.


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